Supply and installation of thermal, cooling, acoustic, and fireproof insulation for commercial and industrial construction.

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embodies a decade of practical experience. It is a comprehensive system for the manufacture of self-supporting air ducts composed of insulation panels double coated with fibreglass.

This system, developed and patented by SAINT-GOBAIN, has convinced project designers, suppliers and investors in many countries all over the world of its qualities.

Optimal for the structural stability of buildings and handling/usage

Air ducts made of CLIMAVER® weigh up to four times less than regular air duct systems – and need less than a half the usual storage space at construction sites. All segments of the piping system may be manufactured directly on site.

Consistently excellent indoor air quality

The antibacterial inner surface of CLIMAVER® products effectively protects healthy indoor environment throughout the lifetime of buildings where they are used.

Greater comfort due to the quality of silence for stress-free life

Selected CLIMAVER® systems provide up to 30 times the sound insulation than steel channels with no insulation (150 x 200 mm).

Advantage for the natural environment and your wallet

CLIMAVER® provides premium quality of heat insulation using fibreglass. In addition, it prevents costly loss of pressure. There is no need for any further heat insulation of your piping system.